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21st General Convocation

Dear Graduand,


General Convocation of the Eastern University, sri Lanka, for the conferment of degrees is scheduled to be held in 08th April 2017 at the Nalliah Auditorium, of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Vantharumoolai,Chenkalady.

I am sending the supplication Form and Paying in Vouchar Form. (Rs 1500/- amount to be credited to Account No. 227-1-001-9-0000-390 of the Eastern University, sri Lanka any of the People's Bank and the receipt should be attached to the supplication form). Graduands are requested to return the duly filled Supplication form on or before 09th March 2017 to the Assistant Registrar, Centre for External Degrees and Extension courses, Eastern University, sri Lanka, Vantharuoolai, Chenkalady.

Please note that no supplication Forms will be entertained beyond this date. All information provided should be correct and no alteration will be permitted later.

For further details, Graduands are requested to contact the Assistant Registrar Centre for External Degrees and Extension Courses over the Phone 065-2240972.


External Degree Graduands In Person/In Absentia : Rs.1500/=

T Baskaran
Senior Assistant
Registrar/Academic Affairs for Registrar


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