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Many officers in the Governmental or Non-Governmental organizations need to develop their English Language skills, and specifically, the communication skill, in order to work productively. Out of four Language skills, communication plays a vital role in their career. To acquire good communication, command on four Language skills such as Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, is important. Effective communication is acquired after learning these skills well.

In Baticaloa district, in several public sectors, include; Kachchery, District Secretariat and tourist information center, these employees make conversations either directly or indirectly by telephone calls or letters, with both the local and foreign communities who do not speak Tamil Language.

Hence, this course is designed to improve the English Language skills of the officers from both governmental and non-governmental organizations, in order to perform their duties more effectively through better communication skills.

Objective of the training programme

Objectives of the training programme is to enhance basic English Communication Skills pertaining to Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills of officers in the governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Learning Outcome

  • • Interact with individuals and/or groups without fear.
  • • Use appropriate form of language with confidence.
  • • Present information, ideas and opinions coherently.
  • • Write suitable format of correspondences formally and informally.
  • • Read appropriately and react accordingly

Target Group

Clerical staff and above, in the governmental and non-governmental organizations who need to improve communication skills in English

Application Procedure

A candidate should apply online here along with the scanned University Copy of Paying-in-Voucher, amounted of Rs. 3,000.00 payable to Bursar, EUSL, Account No. 227-1-001-9-0000-390 in People’s Bank, Chenkalady.

Resource Persons

  1. Dr. J. Kennedy - Senior Lecturer in English, Dept of Languages, EUSL
  2. Mr. K. Shri Karunaharan - Senior Lecturer in English, Dept of Languages, EUSL
  3. Mr. S. Sasitharan - Instructor Gr - I in English, ELTU, EUSL
  4. Mr. P. S. Jayasingam - Instructor Gr - I in English, ELTU, EUSL

Course Content

  1. Speaking Skills
    • Barriers of speaking communication - Physical Barrier / Lack of Planning / Semantic Barrier / Psychological Barrier
    • Questions pattern
    • Talking about seasons / weather
    • Describing locations - Asking for and giving directions
    • Making requests / Answering requests
    • Storytelling / Descriptions
  2. Reading Skills
    • Pre-/during-/post-reading activities
    • Finding main ideas and supporting details
    • Translation
  3. Writing Skills
    • The Sentence
    • The Phrase
    • Kinds of sentences – Declarative / Interrogative / Imperative / Exclamatory
    • Types of Sentences - Simple / Compound / Complex
    • Construction of Paragraph
    • Memo Writing
    • Cover Letters writing
    • Resume / Bio data / CV writing


  • Closing Date
    30th March 2019
  • Application Fee
    Rs. 100.00
  • Registration Fee
    Rs. 200.00
  • Course Fee
    Rs. 2,700.00
  • Venue
    ELTU, Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • Duration
    40 Hours
    (5 Days in weekends)
  • Programme Dates
    In April 2019 (Weekends)
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