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The External Degree Programme commenced in June 1993 for the Faculties of Agriculture, Science and Commerce and Management with the staff who have been attached to respective faculties on visiting basis. Faculty of Arts and Culture has introduced External Degree Programme and Health of Care Sciences in 2005.

The Deans of Faculties were supervising the External Degree Programmes through the Academic Coordinators in their faculties and the administrative and financial matters were dealt by the Assistant Registrar and Bursar respectively in addition to their normal duties. The External Degree Programmes functioned under a unit with an Assistant Registrar in-charge. The expenses in running of the External Degree Programme are being met from the fees levied from the External Degree students.

Since June 2006 a Centre (Centre for External Studies(CES) with a Director in-charge(part-time) has been established to bring all activities of the External Degree Programmes under the Centre and presently the centre has been renamed as Centre for External Degree and Extension Courses (CEDEC) in the process of organizing same. (Faculty Co-ordinators were appointed for all faculties.) A Board of Management (Management Committee) is monitoring the Centre. The Management Committee meets every other month and review the progress. Monthly meetings of the Board of Studies with Academic Co-ordinators were help regularly where activities of the External Degree programmes were discussed and progress reviewed.

Since 2016 march, the Centre is functioning under the separate newly established refurbished building with all facilities. Under the Director with three Co-ordinators and with an Assistant Registrar the centre monitoring and managing all activities of the External Degree Programmes and Extension Courses.

Vice-Chancellor Director Coordinators Assistant Bursar Programmer cum SystemAnalyst Assistant Registrar Coordinator/Examinations and Registration Coordinator/Learning Resourses Coordinator/Training Non-Academic Staff Organizational Structure of the CEDEC
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