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Training Program on Document Preparation Using Microsoft Word

Eastern University, Sri Lanka

Centre for External Degrees and Extension Courses (CEDEC)

CEDEC announces the commencement of
"Training Program on Document Preparation Using Microsoft Word"
conducted by
Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT), Faculty of Science
Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

Participants to the Training Programme

Managers, administrative staff, development officers and clerks, who are working in government and private organization, willing to enhance their knowledge and skills in using MS Word to prepare impressive documents such as books, letters, newsletters, proposals and articles.


Course Duration

12 Hours
(2 Days during weekends)

Medium of instruction

English — Tamil

Training Fee

Rs. 3,000.00

Programme Dates

In April 2019 (Weekends)


CICT, Eastern University, SL

Resource Persons

Mr.A.L.S Saabith (Senior Lecturer)

Mr.T.Vinothraj (Lecturer)

Course Content

1. Manipulating images and graphics
Inserting pictures, shapes, smart art and word art
Adjusting image/ shape appearance and wrapping text around graphic elements
Inserting other media elements
2. Manipulating styles
Defining paragraph and character styles
Editing styles
Applying styles in document preparation
Synchronizing styles among documents
3. Document sections
Inserting section break
Creating documents with multiple columns
4. Headers and Footers
Inserting headers and footers for odd/even pages
Excluding headers and footers on the first page
5. Adding table of content
Marking entries by using built-in heading styles
Marking entries by adding text to the desired levels
Creating, updating, formatting and deleting table of contents
6. Adding document references and links
Adding captions
Adding cross-references
Adding bookmarks
Adding hyperlinks
Inserting footnotes and endnotes
Adding citations and a bibliography
7. Indexing
Marking index entries
Creating, modifying and updating an index
8. Collaborating on documents
Enabling and disabling tracked changes
Showing and hiding markup
Showing revisions inline and in balloons
Accepting and rejecting changes
Inserting comments
Working with comments
Printing comments
9. Mail merge
The mail merge wizard process
Selecting the starting document
Selecting a recipient list
Writing the details
Previewing the letters
Completing the merge
10. Protecting Documents
Making a Document Read Only
Restricting Formatting and Editing
Stopping Document Protection
Applying a Document Password

Application Procedure

A candidate should apply online here along with the scanned University Copy of Paying-in-Voucher, amounted of Rs.3,000 payable to Bursar, EUSL, Account No. 227-1-001-9-0000-390 in People’s Bank, Chenkalady.

Closing Date (Extended)

On or before 30th March 2019

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For further information

Assistant Registrar, CEDEC


: 0652240972





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